The Liabilities of Multimodal Transport Operator in Ethiopia: The Law and the Practice

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Multimodal transport refers to the transport of goods from place to another place by using more than one mode of transport. The main actor who enters into contract to coordinate different modes of transport like; road, rail, air, pipeline etc. and finally results in the most effective and efficient movement of goods under its own responsibility is Multimodal Transport Operator. Non-uniformity of multimodal transport laws results in problems when loss, damage or delay happens to the cargoes. However, although attempts are made to make uniform international Multimodal Convention, the International Unimodal Transport Conventions also apply to Multimodal Transport. Liability rules vary greatly from one mode of transport to the other and results in uncertainty on the liability of Multimodal Transport Operator. The main objectives of this study is examining practical issues, court decisions and prescribe problems related with the Liabilities of the multimodal transport Operator in Ethiopia which is Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise. How Multimodal Transport problems were solved in Ethiopia and multimodal transport proclamation was examined in terms of Interviews made and FDRE Federal Court decision. Thus it will be determined whether the needs of multimodal transport will be met through new legislative studies.



Multimodal Transport, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE) Multimodal Transport Proclamation, International Conventions, Court Decision, Ethiopia.