The Influence Of Marketing Channel Integration On The Sales Performance Of Small Garment And Textile Industries: In Case Of Burayu Town; Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Marketing channel is a set of practices or activities necessary to transfer the ownership of goods, from the point of production to the point of consumption, (Kotler and Armstrong, 1990). Marketing channel integration refers to the degree to which various channels in a channel environment interact with one another (Bendoly et al., 2005). The main objective of this research is to assess the major marketing channel integration influence on the sales performance of garment and textile industries from the viewpoint of marketing channel design, marketing channel administration and marketing channel management technology.To achieve objective of the study the research questions raised were: what are the major influence of marketing channel integration on sales performance of the garment and textile industries?, how does the marketing channel participants integrate among themselves?, and what should be done on the channel system to improve sales performance of garment and textile industries?. Descriptive research with a mixed paradigm approach has been employed for the study. Questionnaire and an interview guide check-list have been used as a primary data collection tools and a format developed by the researcher also used to collect the sales performance related data from the textile and garment industries under the sampling. The researcher employed non-probability sampling to select 30 respondents out of 36 garment and textile industries which are located in Burayu town based on the availability of five years trend data and the response rate also achieved 100 percent. Descriptive analysis and statistical analysis have been conducted to analyze the collected data. SPSS version 20 has been used as a data analysis tool. The output of the study indicates that marketing channel design, marketing channel administration and channel management technology of the textile and garment industries in the study area have been identified that influencing the sales performance of the sampled industries. The Statistical analysis of the independent variables also demonstrates that a one unit improvement in marketing channel design, channel administration and channel management technology improves the sales performance of the industries and vice versa. Application of hybrid or multi-channel integration, improving the channel administration and application of automated technology in sales tracking, customer relationship management and provision of marketing channel integration related training for their channel members have been among the major recommendations given by the researcher. Suggestion for further research has also been recommended by the researcher



Marketing, channel integration, sales Performance