Police Officers' Attitude Towards Gender-Based Violence in Kirkos Sub-City, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of the study is to investigate police officers' allitude towards gender-based violence in Kirkos Sub -City of Addis Ababa. To allain this objective, both primary and secondary data co llection methods were used. The secondary data were gath ered through critical review of related conceptual, th eo retical, empirical studie s as well as policies at th e international, regional and national levels. Th e primary data wer e collected through quantitative and qualitative methods. Th e survey ques ti onnaire was use d to gather th e relevant quantitative data which were analyzed through statistical techniques such as percentage, mean, median and standard deviation. The qualitative data were gathered through focus group discussions. in-dep th interviews with vic tim s, key informan ts and police officers. Finally, th e findings of th e study were thematica lly organized and analyz ed through tri angulation of various data sources to increase th e validity and reliability of th e findings of th e study. It was found that gender-based violence is prevalent ill th e study area, but it is not adequately reported since it affect s the vi ctim s who are in a relatively lower status in terms of age, socio-economic status and power relations. The police officers in the study area have positiv e allitude towards community polic in g system, but they do not practice it to prevent and mitigate GB V crimes. It was also found that th ere is no clear gender difference in th e allitude of police officers towards GB V. Th e police officers appl ication and scope of GBV crim inality is mostly related to sexual violence only; their allit ude towards WOmen and girls was found to be not positive in that th ey see women and girls as subordinate to men and boys; vi ewin g some of the victims as suspec ts, blaming them for the violence they exp erienced and e ven being the perpetr ators in some cases; it can be argued that the polic e officers do not have positiv e allitude towards preventing and mitigating GBV crimes. Thus , th e police officers under study, esp ecially those who are directly related to GB V in th e study area do not have an attitude that enhances the report rate and decrease th e prevalence rate ofGBV Finally , th e study recommends the need for further inves tigation on issues related to police oJjicers allitude towards victims and gender difference in the allitude of police officers towards GBV. Trainings should also be g iven for police officers in order to improve their understanding of th e scop e and criminality ofGBV, the ir altitude t owards vict ims, WOmen and their altitudes towards GBV.



Attitude Towards Gender-Based Violence