Leadership For School Improvement: Analysis of Leadership Practices and Challenges In Bole Sub City Beshale Cluster Private Secondary Schools

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the practices and challenges of leadership and show its contribution to school improvement in Bole sub city private schools. Descriptive survey design was used.. The primary data sources for the study were principals, teachers, students, parents and supervisors of the study area. As a Secondary sources different documents, reports and other relevant materials were used. All the teachers (104) and 24 student representatives were selected by census because of their small number. And 6 secondary school principals were selected by purposive sampling, additionally 3 school supervisors and 8 members of PTA were selected by availability sampling techniques. Multiple data collection methods were used: questionnaires structured with closed and open ended, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussion were employed to allow the researcher to get a more reliable and valid information. The quantitative data were analyzed using frequencies, mean and standard deviation; t-test was used to test the significant of the two groups of respondents. The data gathered through open–ended questions; interviews; and focus group discussion were analyzed qualitatively through narration for the purpose of triangulation and obtain additional information on the issue. This research has shown that private school leaders in Bole Sub city were practicing leadership to a satisfactory level. The study also found inappropriate interference of school owners, teachers’ performance and self motivation and student disciplinary cases were the challenges for practicing leadership in high schools and bring school improvement. The study revealed that school leaders need more work to bring effective change and enhance school improvement. The research also shown to increase the effectiveness of the practicing leadership leaders should work hard in developing a strong learning culture. Future researches should focus on how leaders can successfully meet the educational needs of diverse student population and increase school effectiveness. Educational Professional owners should be encouraged.



contribution to school improvement in Bole sub city private schools