Exploring Traditional Coffee Ceremony and Branded Coffee Houses of Addis Ababa from Tourism Attraction Perspective

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Addis Ababa University


There is a story that can be told behind every cup of coffee that we drink starting from plucking the red berry from the coffee plant by the diligent hands of Ethiopian farmers to preparing a tasty cup of coffee. Ethiopia is known for her rich cultural ritualistic coffee ceremony. However, the potential for coffee tourism development in Ethiopia remains largely untapped because of lack of tourism attraction knowhow and a range of destination management issues. The aim of this study is to explore the traditional coffee ceremony and branded coffee houses of Addis Ababa from tourism attraction perspective by investigating tourist appealing cultural elements of traditional coffee ceremony and contemporary coffeehouses with their peculiar features that ignite visitors’ motive to experience Ethiopian coffee culture. Exploratory sequential research design is used. The survey sample consists of 200 coffee consuming tourists out of which 174 respondents are found to be valid. Numerous cultural elements have been identified which will be used as a stepping stone to develop the existing coffee culture as a tourism attraction. Data was also gathered through in-depth and semi-structured interviews that are made with 16 participants for this particular study. Data collection and analysis were simultaneously done in the case of qualitative data. As a result of the findings of the study seven main themes were emerged through in-depth interviews. These themes are authentic coffee culture, cultural diversity, contemporary coffee house, glocalization, traditional coffee ceremony, social media and tourism attraction potential. The outcome of the analysis indicates that Addis Ababa has a great potential of becoming coffee culture destination. However, to get a wider global market position the thesis suggests a set of recommendations. Engaging in digital technology promotion, coordination between various stakeholders in coffee, following participatory approach and government support in order to scale up traditional coffee selling corners of the city was mentioned.



Coffee, Branded Houses, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia