The Current Status of Research in ColJege of Commerce

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Research is recognized as the foundation - stone upon which successful educational programs are built, evaluated, and improved to meet the current and future needs and standards of the society it serves. For higher education institutions research is considered as an inherent function because it is regarded as one of the major reasons for their establishment and existence. Institutions and instructors of higher learning's should I> assume research as one of their basic duties and responsibilities. In this regard, this study attempted to assess the current status of research in College of Commerce, the current research involvement of the teachers of the college, and to identify the major factors influencing their involvement. Accordingly, the current research involvement of the College of Commerce teachers and the current status of research in the College is found to be minimal. The most influential factors affecting the teachers' research involvement are identified as lack of research reward/incentive, research culture in the college, interest, enthusiasm and commitment of teachers research competency and confidence, and conducive research facilities. Therefore, to promote research activities in the college, attention must be given to: improving research reward, developing a positive attitude and commitment towards research; inculcating and maintaining a motivating research culture; improving the research knowledge and experience of the staff, and creating a conductive research condition. Moreover, a strong initiative must be taken to make research undertaking the basic part of the college's and instructors' duty and responsibility. v


The Faculty of Business and Economics in the partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


Current Status of Research