Assessment Of Teachers’ Ict Competency In The Use Of Ict In The Classroom In Addis Ababa City Preparatory Schools

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Addis Ababa University


Over the past few years, information and communications technology (ICT) has become more important to education sector. And education is the key for development while the integration of ICT into education is the key to complement and generate support to teachers’ professional development and students’ learning skills. But for this effective utilization of ICT in education, it needs the competent teacher in ICT.Hence, the overall objective of the study was to assess teachers’ ICT competency level and its influence in the use of ICT in the classroom in Addis Ababa city administration. The study was conducted in 3 public and 5 private preparatory schools found in Addis Ababa City. The sample schools were selected by simple random sampling technique. The researcher used descriptive survey design method. The Study used frequency, percentage, mean, Std. deviation and, t-test. As additional work, SMART PLS application software was also used to undertake path coefficient analysis relationship between variables.The study found that most of the preparatory schools already started to formulate a vision towards the development of ICT in their schools. Even though some of the teachers have computer in their home and school, the overall result of teachers’ ICT accessibility revealed that, there is a significance problem on the ICT access for teaching purposes.According to this study, most of preparatory teachers have basic computer skills and their level of competency falls in medium level; their attitudes of using ICT in classroom falls in high level but their usage of ICT in class falls nearest to low level class. The absence of ICT training in case of capacity building towards the new technology in preparatory school and lack of articulated school vision on integrating of ICT in teaching activities are those main challenges for teacher ICT competency. Insufficient knowledge of using ICT, insufficient skills of how to use ICT equipment, absence of ICT facilities in preparatory school such as Internet, computer etc. are also another challenge for teacher ICT competency for not use ICT in classroom. Finally, this study was revealed that, governmental teachers’ ICT usage in the class is better than private teachers’ ICT usage. Also the accessibility of different ICT tools in government is better than private schools.



ICT competency, ICT skill and knowledge, Attitude, ICT training and ICT Access