Assessment on the Project management practice of Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) Application and Network Infrastructure Project.

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Addis Ababa University


Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities for adopting a project approach to the way in which they address the creation and delivery of new business products or implement any change. Having a formalized project management approach produces a substantial increase in the probability of success for projects. Projects must be well conceived and managed during their planning and execution to achieve the desired result on schedule and budget. This study, an assessment on the project management Practice of Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) application and network infrastructure project, tried to see the project management practice of EPSE from the perspectives of project process activities. To achieve its objectives, the study uses a descriptive research design and primary data were used. Questionnaire and interview were used as a data collection mechanism. The target population of the study were the project management team members who were participating in carrying out the project. The study examines the entire population. The generated data was analyzed using mean value and was discussed. The result from the study indicates that there was absence or lack of consistency in quality assurance, risk and issues management of EPSE project. The study also revealed that in capturing lessons from previous projects that may have contributed for the project, and also in keeping the project lessons and risks in a log, there were gaps observed. On the use of a documented quality assurance review, in all the project processes, the activity was absent. Regarding decision making, delays were observed and advise on exception plans were not sought from the board by the project manager and team leaders.



Project Management, PRINCE, process activities