The Role of Project Communication Management in improving project performance of building construction projects: A case study of Modcon Engineering PLC

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This study was intended to describe the role of project communications management in improving performance of Modcon Engineering building projects. Data were collected by semi-structured and focus group discussions from respondents and validated with document analysis and analyzed qualitatively. The researcher observed that, there is a strong appreciation of the importance of project communication and its importance within the industry. Indeed, various levels and channels of communications have been established within the clients and consultants or consultants and contractors. In spite of that, there have been many hindrances to effective communication on construction projects in the company. These includes; poor leadership, unclear communication objectives, unclear channels of communication, ineffective reporting system, ineffective communication between the parties on the project, lack of well trained personnel and lack of professionals by the clients. The study discovered that project communications planning and implementation and using tools and techniques played an important role in improving the performance of projects. In contrast to this, lack of formal communication management plan is the findings. The research also established that poor communication had resulted in project delays, project cost overrun and project abandonment. Project communications was also shown to strongly affect the performance of professionals within the construction industry. At last, further study including improving project documentation, improving the use of project communications management system are the recommendations of the study.



project communications management, performance improvement, planning