The Morphology of Kemantney: A Step Toward the Documentation of the Language

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Addis Ababa University


This research is entitled 'The Morphology of Kemantney: A s tep toward the documentation of the language". The purpose of the research is to provide the basic descri ption of the morphology of the la ngu age. It is a descriptive account of both inOectional and derivational properties of nouns, pronouns, ve rbs, a dje ctives and adverbs.The first ch a pter deals with conceptual fram ework, background of the s tudy, the objecti:,e, significant of the research , delimitation of the research , and m ethod of the s tudy.The second chapter of the thes is deals with inOectional and derivational morphology of Kemantney nouns. It is observed that Kemantney nouns a re inOected for n u mber, gender aDd different cases. In the derivation of nouns, suffixes deriving nominals su ch as infinitival, agentive and abstract are identified . The oth er s ection shows the forms of pronouns and th eir inOections. The personal pronouns are divided into two, subjects and obj ect and are marked for the grammatical categories of number and case. Different kinds of pronouns such as possessive (dependent and independent), demonstrative, interrogative and reOexive pronouns are also presented in this chapter. In the third chapter, the inflectional and deriva tional morphology of Kemantney verbs arc described . The morpheme that mark person, gender, number, aspect (tense), and mood are shown in th c inOection part. In the derivati on part, the suffixes and stem patterns th at mark passive, causative, reciprocal and frequcntative are clearly identified. In the fourth chapter, the thesis deals with adjectives, postpositions, numerals and adverbs. Pure a djectives in Kemantney are rare and derived adjective are deri ved from verbal roots but it is sti ll rare. Pinally, the last chapter gives the sammary and conclusion of the thesis.



Morphology, Kemantney