Factors Affecting Teachers’ Job Performance in Government Secondary Schools of Yeka Sub City in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to determine factors affecting teachers‟ job performance in government secondary schools of Yeka sub city in Addis Ababa. The method employed in the study was descriptive Questionnaire, interview and review of documents were used to collect data from 10 principals, 3 supervisors and 24 department-heads were selected using available sampling techniques and 142 teachers were using stratified random sampling techniques from government secondary schools in Yeka sub city in Addis Ababa. The data were analyzed by using percentage, frequency and mean scores. From the findings, it was recommended that national Government, education Bureau, Sub city education office and school principal should establish some mechanism in order to help those teachers on the subject matter mastery, usage of language instruction, lack of motivation of teachers‟, teachers‟ attitude towards their profession, less participation of teachers‟ in TDP to give training, to encourage high performance of teachers‟ and to facilitate school environment and the school teachers should continue their attention and improve their command on the content through self study. The conclusion is that a significant improvement can be made in teachers‟ job performance and government, woreda education office and schools have to improve their attitudes, subject mastery, teaching methodology, commitments and responsibilities towards achieving quality education in their respective secondary school of teachers‟ job performance



Factors Affecting Teachers’