Child Protection Response Through Community Based Multi-Stakeholders Approach: The Case of Forum on Sustainable Child Empowerment on the Selected Addis Ababa Project Areas

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Addis Ababa University


The major objective of this study was to describe the contribution of community based multi- stakeholders‟ council to child protection under the initiative of FSCE. To this end, a qualitative case study design was employed. Key informants interview, semi structured interview, case history, focused group discussion and document review was used for collecting the data. The research was conducted at two selected Addis Ababa project sites. In order to select the participants of the study, the researcher employed both purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The data obtained from the participants were analyzed thematically. The results of the study indicated that the major roles of the executive committee are coordinate and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan of the council .On the other hand, the main roles of sub-committee are ,engage and suggest any workable and sustainable intervention and report activates to the executive committee. On the other hand the interventions techniques that are followed by the community based multi-stakeholders council mainly focused on prevention measure. But they are also engaged in rehabilitation and reintegration programs. In regards to the community participation, in both research sites, the community has participated in problem identification, planning, problem solving, and in the contribution of resource. The major challenges indicated on the findings were unable to open a bank account in the name of the council in Woreda 8, high staff turnover from both the sectorial office and from FSCE in both Woredas‟, double responsibility and limitation of time to involve more on the multi-stakeholders‟ activities, and difficulty to convince commercial sex worker to the rehabilitation center. Finally, the study concluded that, even though the CBMSC-CP has faced many challenges, it is a good mechanism of responding child protection issues. Key Terms: child protection, response, community based, multi-stakeholders approach



Child Protection; Response; Community Based; Multi Stakeholders Approach