Integration of Cultural Elements in Selected Textbooks of Addis Ababa Primary School Curriculum

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Addis Ababa University


This study is focused on integration of cultural elements in selected textbooks of Addis Ababa second cycle primary school curriculum. The objective of the research is to study the integration of the diverse cultures of the different ethnic groups in selected textbooks of the second cycle primary schools of Addis Ababa. To carry out this the objective was to analyze whether the selected textbooks (of Social Studies, Civics and Ethical Education , Amharic, Physical Education and Music) reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity. These textbooks are purposefully selected. Content analysis is used as a main method by forming four cultural categories such as Hero/Heroines, Material culture, songs and plays and values separately for each of dominant and diverse ethnic groups. The data collected through content analysis are also supplemented by survey data gathered from teachers found in sample primary schools curriculum developers in Addis Ababa and Education Bureau. The findings of the research show that cultures of dominant ethnic groups most incorporated culture in the selected textbooks of Addis Ababa second cycle primary schools. Cultures of diverse ethnic groups are very insignificantly mentioned in the contents of Social Studies, Amharic and Music textbooks. In Civics and Ethical education and Physical education however better incorporation was observed but with little pages devoted to diversity and multicultural concerns in Physical education. The study also revealed that major diversity and multicultural issues are poorly contextualized and inefficiently exploited. And , in the light of the research findings recommendations were made