Information Support System for Energy Planning in Zambia

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the inf ormation s upport sy stem f or energy planning in Zambia and pre s en t s poss i ble ways of streng t hening t he existing inf ormati on s ys t em and services. A systems analysis has been carried out to evaluate the existing information services at the Energy Planning Unit a nd results presented and commented upon. Quality assurance characterist i cs have been used to measure the relevancy, value and quality of information services and produc ts for the energy planners and decision makers at the Energy Planning Unit. In this con te xt, a user requirement analysis has also been d one . Fi nd i ngs fr om t h e i n te r v iews with energy p l anners a nd dec is ion makers are presented. In add ition, a survey o f the information systems in i n sti tu t i ons in the energy sector and those related to it has been carried out and proposals made for a mutually c ompatible manual and automated network arrangement. The draft proposals on national inf ormati on policy for Zamb i a i s revi e wed wi th t he view t o ex ami ning t he p o li c y statement s relating to the establishment of a c o h e rent information i nfrastructure with particular reference to the energy sector in the country.



Information Support System