Challenges and prospects of privatizing Ethio-Telecom

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The study aims to explore the challenges and prospects of privatizing Ethio-Telecom, The study applies mixed research approach. In doing so, both primary and secondary data employ as a research process to study the various issues involved in the paper. To collect the primary data, Questionnaires, key informant interview and in-depth interview and key informants and in-depth interview purposely selected from Ethio-Telecom administration officials and informed citizens were used as means to get data for the study. The secondary data were collected from different published and unpublished documents such as relevant theoretical concepts, textbooks, and journal articles, scholarly works and bar reviews, as well as websites. A total of 280 questionnaires were circulated, however 268 completed and properly returned, out of the total sample 12 questionnaires were not returned, thus; making the response rate 95.71%. Therefore, 268 useable questionnaires were considered for this study. These respondents were selected by using a random sampling technique. The data were analyzed using SPSS version 26 descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage) and inferential statistics like correlation. Finally, Based on the finding majority employees not support Ethio-Telecom to be sold to foreign investors and Privatizations will escalation profitability, operating efficiency Based on study finding the conclusion drawn and the researcher recommends that idea for the public to consult and discuss the privatization process.



Challenges, Liberalization, Privatization, Public Sectors