Assessment of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Implementation, Success Stories and Challenges in the Ethiopian Public Higher Learning Institutions: the Case of Jimma University

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Addis Ababa University


This study has been conducted since March 2016 to investigate BSC implementation in Jimma University. The main objective of the study was to assess BSC implementations, successes and challenges as they happen in Jimma University. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods. Out of the non-probability sampling purposive/judgmental sampling has been used. Data was collected from both secondary and primary sources using document review, interview and questionnaire. From the total number of 1134 target population, 114 questionnaires were distributed, from this 103 were returned. The sample size was determined to be at list 10 percent of the target population. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive approach by charts and tables. The analysis of the study reveled that the leadership is good to see committed in terms of defining the University’s vision, mission and values as well as building and implementing BSC; In addition the leadership has done enough to facilitate top-dawn and bottom up communication. In the implementation process a good deal of work was done to analyze the internal and external environment of the University so as to identify the enablers and pains during implementation. Finally the implementation was facilitated by appropriate choice themes and key success factors, objectives, performance indicators for the success of the implementation initiatives which were carefully selected with goal of solving significant organization pain and tied to the vision & mission of the organization. After the implementation respondents still believe there are modest successes and some challenges that need JU leadership attention. Therefore, it is recommended that JU should focus on strengthening reform team and change agent for proper implementation of balanced score card and enhancing communication at every stage of reform implementation. It is also recommended that the University leaders should be highly committed towards avoiding taking more time to finalize reform implementation and putting incentive mechanism in place in order to motivate the best performers. Key words: Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Jimma University (JU), Success and Challenges



Balanced scorecard (BSC), Jimma university (JU), Success and challenges