An Audit of Completion of Ultrasound Request form at BLH

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Addis Ababa University


Objective: To audit the adequacy of completion of ultrasound request formsreferred to the radiology department from the different wards /OPD of the hospital Design:Cross-sectional study Place and duration of study:Diagnostic Radiology Department of Addis Ababa University of medical faculty, from October 15, 2014 to October 30, 2012. Methods:A total of 218 ultrasound request form in study period were analyzed for completion using a blind ended questioner. The data were cleaned and entered in to SPSS-20 software package. Frequency and percentage were used for this categorical variable. Result:A total of 218 ultrasound requests forms were reviewed. All of them had the names of the patients filled, 218 (100%) and almost all had their father name filled except 5(2.3%). Only 168 (77.7%) of them had their ages filled, and 164 of 218 (75.2%) had their sex filled (Table-1).One hundred and eighty nine (86.7%) had hospital number while, 29(13.3%) did not haveinformation regarding hospital number.Detailed clinical data were filled in 184 (84.4%), and not mentioned at all in 34(15.6%) of them. Although 83.3% (181/218) of them had mentioned the requesting physician name, only 8 (3.7%) and 6 (2.8%) filled the relevant laboratory information and previous data respectively Conclusion: We conclude that radiological investigation forms are still incompletely and inadequately filled. This will have effect on the quality and the overall service provided by the radiologist and may have effect sometimes on clinical decisions and outcomes. There is need to encourage the managing clinician to complete and adequately fill all the required information into the request form and appreciate its importance to patient’s management. This can be achieved by increasing the awareness of referring clinicians through repeated continue medical education in conjunction with the radiologists and the need for a regular clinical-radiological meetings.



Ultrasound Request form at BLH