Mandate, Structure and Collaboration with Institutions for Urban Landholding Registration in Addis Ababa City Government: The case of Kirkos Sub City

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Addis Ababa City Government has started adjudication and registration of urban landholding rights since 2015 G.C along with establishment of established the registering institution. The institution has a plan to complete adjudication and registration of urban landholdings by the end of 2022 G.C and realize the establishment of secured, reliable and modern legal cadastre and integrated land information management system. However, the pace of adjudication and registration of urban landholding rights is continued to be implemented in its slow phase where it takes a lengthy time to complete the process of adjudication of rights, restriction and responsibilities on urban landholding and enormous amounts of urban landholdings remain registered under dispute register. The objective of this research is to assess the legal and institutional constraints attributing to the existing challenges in the course of adjudication and registration of urban land holding rights. Case study and document analysis research methods are used. Primary data collected using semi structured interview questions. Other primary data sources such as policy documents, laws and standards are analyzed in order to derive meaning and evaluate whether they are convenient for the urban landholding adjudication and registration. There are legal and institutional constraints existing attributing for the existing problems. These are the non-implementation of the law, limitations and unclarity in the legal provisions, lack of effective collaboration with stakeholder institutions and absence of mechanism of accountability for failure to discharge duty to cooperate. Therefore, it needs the revision of the law, institutional structure and ensure the collaboration of institutions together with mechanisms of accountability.



Registration Rights, Adjudication of Land Holding Rights, Land Parcel, Legal Cadastre