Assessing The Practice Of Multimodal Transport Operation Service In Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Service Enterpirse

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Addis Ababa University


International multimodal transport is one means of facilitating efficient and cost effective transit logistic service of country’s for international trade. ESLSE has been designated as a sole Multi Modal Operator (MTO) in the Country. Not only as land locked country like Ethiopia but also internationally, most of countries get benefit of multimodal transport that can minimize logistics cost and transit time due to Cargoes can be moved from one country to another with single administration document (SAD) and one multimodal operator. Most of reviews of literature show that the implementations of multimodal transport system in Ethiopia have been bottle nicked by various problems. These problems include poor existing infrastructure and lack of basic infrastructures, congestion of dry ports, inefficient and ineffective freight vehicles, long and inefficient custom clearance process and lack of competition in multimodal transport due to this the standards of gracing paired and dwelling time was unable to attain. This study was made with the main objective of evaluating the practice of multimodal transport service in Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise. In order to achieve this objective, has used explanatory research design and employ mixed research methodology in order to triangulate the data’s (Quantitative and Qualitative). To collect data from respondent and other sources, this study used primary and secondary sources of data.Out of the 159 questionnaires distributed only 138were successfully returned back.The data was collected using questionnaire and interview, and data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and interpretation with the support of secondary data the finding of the research showed that the majority of customers were either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the many of performance indicator according to the study result recommended severely that the need to improvement of multimodal transport service infrastructure. This will provoke the need for furthers research at national level in order to assure the theoretically supported effect of the multimodal transport service.



result recommended severely, inefficient and ineffective freight vehicles, improvement of multimodal transport