Challenges That Hamper the Sustainability of Elite Long Distance Runners Athletic Performance Case From three Selected Athletics Clubs in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this research was to assess and reflect the current challenges which contribute to the sustainability of Ethiopian elite long distance runners’ athletic performance. This study was used a cross-sectional descriptive study method which incorporated both quantitative and qualitative components in order to investigate the variables deeply. Three athletics clubs were selected purposely from the six first division athletics clubs of Addis Ababa for this study. Fifty two subjects were randomly selected out of a total population of one hundred fifty four individuals of the three athletics clubs. Questionnaire, interview and document analysis were used to collect data. The data that the researcher gathered was analyzed and presented through percentage, tabulation and appropriate interpretation. Talented long distance runners of these three athletics clubs were faced with the tough choice of whether to put primary focus on lower income track and field success or higher income road and marathon circuit success. However, this leads to a variety of physiological, psychological, social and economic crises. The findings reveal ways in which awareness of the risks of over training, overuse injuries, psychological factors and aging may impact performance of elite long distance runners. Key words: elite athlete, aging, over training, overuse injuries, psychological considerations



Elite Athlete; Aging; Over Training; Overuse Injuries; Psychological Considerations