Energy assessment, generation and utilization efficiency in Ethiopian sugar factories Case study: Metehara Sugar Factory

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Addis Ababa University


Our country’s economy has been growing rapidly for the last four consecutive budget years. But among the key infrastructures and base for development Energy is the main. Moreover energy is being a unit or measurement of a nation’s economy as a result to continue the momentum of economic growth; we have to give attention to energy. Although Ethiopia generates almost 99% of its electricity form hydropower, around half of the countries foreign currency’s income is put away to import petroleum. But there are so many opportunities locally which can reduce the oil import. That is by using the available energy effectively and efficiently, searching for other resources and shifting petroleum usage by locally available fuels are among the solutions. All the above suggested solutions are possible in sugar factories. The aim of this thesis is then to asses the energy resources in the sugar factories and to observe their energy generation and utilization efficiencies from their available resources and accordingly to identify problems in relation to energy in sugar factories. And finally to suggest alternatives based on measurements, collected data and foreign sugar factories experience.



Specialization in Industrial Engineering