Assessment of Congestion and Performance Evaluation of Roundabouts on CMC-Megenagna Road

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Addis Ababa University


Traffic congestion is one of the major problems that is being faced by developed and developing countries around the world. Addis Ababa being the capital city and the busiest city in the country, traffic congestion is a common phenomenon in the day to day activity. This study mainly focuses on assessing the traffic congestion by taking the road section from CMC to Megenagna as a case study. This road section in one of the most complained road section by road users. There are two roundabouts along the study road which are congested during the peak hours of the day. The performance of the roundabouts was evaluated using SIDRA INTERSECTION software as a tool. Also in order to see the level of congestion it is important to quantify the traffic congestion. Travel time approach is used to measure the congestion intensity and reliability. The result showed that both roundabouts are performing below the satisfactory level in terms of capacity and delay performance measures. High demand flow on one or two approaches, high circulating flows and the existence of heavy vehicles during the peak periods contributed for the poor performance of the roundabouts. Using this road in the morning peak hours causes a traveler to spend 13.1 minutes per kilometer of delay on average and should reserve maximum 14 times the off peak travel time to reach on time



Roundabouts, Congestion, CMC-Megenagna road, performance evaluation