The Practice of Youth Male Handball Project and its Impact on Todays Club Participation in the Case of Addis Ababa City Administration

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The purpose of the study was to asses the practice of Ethiopian 1998 male handball project on the selected 6 six high school of Addis Ababa and its impact on today’s Ethiopian club participation. There by investigate how the current practice and implication of the project using A descriptive survey method employed to reveal the present situation of practicing in Addis Ababa and the impact of its challenges on today’s club participation sources on the bases of availability sampling for this an extended review of the literature was taken to discuss the different principles and theories of practice and application of projects on the whole world wide and specifically youth handball and other sport projects practiced on the world and Ethiopian context. The subjects of the study were 75 from those 18 of them are federal and regional sport education bureau officers 30 of them are male trainees of the previous six school projects. And 21 of them are to day's player of the three Ethiopian national clubs with their instructor and assistant coaches and six of them are selected from the previous amateur technical committee and current supervisor's .to this effect the respondent sampling varied out through probability sampling techniques to test the basic questions. Finally ,the study has summarized what has already been said and conclusion were drawn from the findings. Based on the findings commendable recommendations were forwarded which the researcher has assumed valuable and up to the capacity of Ethiopian sport authority and policy maker.



Male Handball Project