Evaluation of Information Products and Services of the Documentation and Information Centre Rhartouk, Sudan

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Addis Ababa University


The Documentation and Information Centre (OIC) was set up in 1978 as part of the National Centre for Research in Khartoum, Sudan, to support research, development planning, decision making and projects monitoring and evaluation. For the efficient and effective discharge of its functions and responsibilities. OIC has developed a library and information centre and has been p r oviding a variety of information products and services. This study aims to evaluate the products and services of OIC, mainly the databases, abstracting services, and the inventories and resource sharing activities. The study attempts to identify through systems analysis , surveys and discussions, factors affecting the utilization of Ole products and services. Following a brief general description of the geographical, political and economic features, natural resources , research and development, information infrastructure and its inadequacies are detai:\.ed. User evaluation shows that OIC products and services are generally of a high quality in contents but needs improvement of the printing and get up. The information products are found useful to build up information sources and in identifying of grey literature. Users' preferences in terms of services was as follows: literature search (22.29%), Article photocopy (18.60 %), bibliographies (15.12%), SOl(10.49%), fiche copy and paper (9.30%). Useful suggestions have been received from users and information scientists which would help improve the services. various factors affecting the smooth operation of DIC are discussed and suggestions are given for developing an integrated management information system to support decision making, research and development. Further recommends that DIC should assume responsibilities as the central body for coordinating information services and activities in Sudan. -



Evaluation of Information Products