Effect Of Procurement Practices On Performance Of Projects In The Case Of Save The Children International Ethiopia Country Office

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of procurement practices on performance of projects implemented by Save the Children International Ethiopian Country Office. The principle question to be addressed by this study was ‘How does procurement planning affect successful implementation of projects by SCI-Ethiopia CO? How does the vendor selection process affect the successful implementation of projects by SCI-Ethiopia CO.? What is the role of contract performance monitoring and control in the successful implementation of projects by SCI-Ethiopia CO.? How do procurement negotiations contribute to the successful implementation of projects by SCI-Ethiopia CO.? What kinds of relationship between procurement practices have with the success of projects in save the children international? ‘To answer these questions and to achieve the primary objective of this study the researcher used quantitative research methodology. The total study population was 222which are staffs of SCI Ethiopia Co.; the population was divided into two main strata based on their functional unit they work namely; project staffs and Supply Chain unit staffs with a representative sample of 149 taken. In this study questionnaire was the primary research instrument. A pilot test was done and it was found that the respondents understood the questions well and were comfortable in answering them. The data was coded as per the objectives to give distinct differences and linear regression done to look at the relationship of the variables. Presentation also was done through their calculated mean the standard deviation. The study found that indeed various procurement practices affect the successful implementation of projects at SCI Ethiopia CO. among those Procurement planning, and competitive vender selection are the major once and they have significant effect on the performance of projects. The study recommended that the senior management team and the supply chain unit along with the operations department in SCI Ethiopia CO, should focus on improving the procurement practices which are implemented in this organization to increase their positive effect on performance of projects and to maximize the leverage of the procurement practices on the successful performance of projects and to give maximum benefit to the beneficiaries.



Procurement Practices, project performance, procurement planning