The Effect of Well-paying Employment of Married Women on Domestic Violence: An Assessment of Educated Women in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Domestic violence with regard to women has been researched in connection with unemployment, low income and poverty. This research concentrates on women who are employed and have a well-paying job which are exercising domestic violence. It tries to fill the gap because there are few researches that study women who are educated and have a well-paying job that are exercising domestic violence. These women who are involved in this study came from different parts of Addis Ababa. Most researches reviewed with regards to Ethiopia concentrated on women that earn low income, uneducated and those who cannot support themselves. As a result the main objective of this research is to assess the impact of well- paying employment on women particularly on domestic violence. The research examines the major challenges women face in their marriage with regards to domestic violence, the cause for the occurrence of domestic violence and the lived experience of women who are married, educated and have well-paying jobs. Qualitative research method was used when conducting this research in which primary and secondary source of data was essential to the conclusion of this research. This research found that though there is a common believe that educated and employed women do not go through domestic violence they actually do. Even though they earn enough to support their family and are educated they face domestic violence like any other women. Though employment may be an empowering factor it can also be a reason for women exercising domestic violence. The other reason is the patriarchal view of the husband and bestowing all the power on him.



Married Women on Domestic Violence