Determinants and Coping Strategies of Household Food Insecurity: The Case of Rural Setting in Lemo Woreda, Hadiya Zone

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Addis Ababa University


Food insecurity is one of the top-standing scourges that all countries of the world have been suffering. However, its scale varies in time and place. This study therefore, atlempts to identifY level and key determinants of as well as coping mechanisms adopted at local level (by the householders of Lemo Woreda) against it.Household sample survey, which \I'as fill"ther triangulated by key informant interviews and focus group discussions as well as reinforced by researcher's direct observation, was the principal means of generating data from primary sources. Secondary data sources were published and unpublished as well as hard and sofi copies of difJerent organizations. Data ji"om ali sources were analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative methods.Overall, the study finds out that the sample households in particular and the study woreda at large were in a low level of food security. Moreover, out of eighteen independent variables that were regressed on per capita food availability for consumption (a dependent variable), Ihe slalistically significant ones (the major determinants of household food insecllrity) in the study area were eight. Tolal crops production was found Ihe strongest positively influencing determinant while household size was the strongest negalively influencing one, with the stamina of the latler excelling the former. The sample households were practicing various measures to cope up against the occurrence offuod insecllrily.Finally, the study recommends sl1orl-, medilllll-, and long-Ierm solutions like improvement of the agricultural prodllclivity, access to farm credit as well as off-farm and non-farm employment, parlicipalolY reselliement programs, natural resource management, effective implemenlalion of pop lila lion policy, etc.Key words: rural; household; food insecurity; level; determinants; coping strategies



rural, household, food insecurity, level, determinants, coping strategies