Leadership Roles of Princepals in Enhancing Studentes'academic Achivement in Govermement and Private Secondery School in Nifas Silk Lafto Subcity Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to explore the leadership roles of secondary school principals in Addis Ababa Nifas silk Lafto Sub city. To conduct this study, mixed methods research design study was employed, and both primary and secondary source of data were used so as to gather information. Mainly used data in collecting instruments were questionnaires, interviews and observations. The study was conducted in eight private and government secondary schools in Addis Ababa by simple random sampling .The subjects of the study were 10 school principals and 6 vice principals and 31 secondary school teachers’ respondents. The data were analyzed by using simple percentage and frequency. The findings of the study generally revealed that principals both in government and private schools have fully practiced their leadership roles, though some of important roles of schools principals are not fully implemented by some individual school leaders due to some factors. Most of the data collected from the teachers showed that the majority of the school principals did play their roles. More over the findings revealed that the majority of the school principals have meet the standards put by MOE regarding their roles. However for some principals job duplication and other factors prevent them to meet the standards. It was recommended that the leadership roles of school principals’ have tangible effect on students’ academic achievement thus principals and vice principals need to be trained in school management and leadership, in order perfectly play their leadership roles.



Leadership Roles of Princepals