Optimization of Design of Tuned Mass Damper for Vibration Control of Frame Structures Under Seismic Excitation

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Addis Ababa University


The mitigation of the dynamic response of buildings and structures to earthquakes is one of the fundamental aims within the design of vibration control devices. In this sense, Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) devices are generally conceived as useful and efficient means for the control of the dynamic response of structures and constructions, especially when considering ideal dynamic excitations. However, their optimum tuning and relevant performance in effectively reducing the seismic response of civil structures is currently an open topic, mostly due to the intrinsic nature of the passive device and the uncertainty and unpredictability of the earthquake event. The present paper deals with determining of the optimum parameters of TMD to minimize dynamic response of a single and multi-storied building system. To optimize dynamic parameters of the TMD system for minimum top deflection of the structure, a Minmax Optimization Simulation analysis is used in a MATLAB environment. Analytical formulas and graphical charts are also developed to determine the optimal parameters of TMD. Three three-dimensional building models are modeled using SAP2000 to validate the optimum values of design variables and to examine the optimum installation location of TMD in elevation under seismic excitation. It is well recognized that the performance of a TMD is sensitive to the slight deviation of frequency ratio between the TMD and the structure. Keywords: TUNED MASS DAMPER, OPTIMUM PARAMETERS, MINMAX OPTIMIZATION.



Tuned Mass Damper; Optimum Parameters; Minmax Optimization