Assessing Socio-Economic impact of Road Traffic Congestion in Addis Ababa City in Case of Megenagna to CMC Michael, Ethiopia, Road Segment.

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Addis Ababa University


As modernization and consequently the urbanization moves forward, the use of motorized transport to maintain the socio-economic and physical integration of city increases. The rise in automobile ownership although not yet very significant together with the poor condition of the roads and the poorly functioning traffic system have resulted in high level of congestion particularly at peak hours, where by the probability of occurrence of congestion is very high. Traffic congestion has various negative impacts ranging from economic loss to adverse environmental and social impacts ranging from economic loss to adverse environmental and social impacts. Generally, transport in Addis Ababa is chaotic, inefficient, unreliable and dangerous. The study focuses on the socio-economic impact of road traffic congestion in Addis Ababa city in case of Megenagna to CMC Michael road segment. The state of the objective analysis of delay, impact of congestion and the total economic cost of congestion were adapted of the methodology based on primary data collections. Which was collected by questioners distributed in to stake holders and traffic volume and travel time were recorded in the field using video recording and its adapted descriptive statistics and analysis by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Based on the analysis of the result the mean variance significant at 0.05 (P-value < 0.05) so that, road traffic congestion is the impact of socio-economic activities. The average travel speed of the vehicle during the morning and night time is 10.6 Km/hr. But during mid-day the average travel speed is 22.6 km/hr it increased relative to the peak period and still, it is congested. The total average of the speed of vehicles through the segment is 16.6 km/hr. The total time losses in the year are 3850.59 hrs. The total economic cost of congestion had been analysis based on speed-flow curve procedures. So that, the total economic cost of congestion in ETB 42,897752.15.



Traffic congestion,, impact of congestion, Total Economic cost of Travel Time congestion