Assessment of Employees Perception on Supply Chain Integration association with Competitive Advantage and Strategy Performance at Repi Soap & Detergent SC.

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis paper makes an investigation primarily on the level of integration which is reflected at REPI soap and detergent Share Company which is taken as a case for the sector. Further on, a thorough assessment on the association of supply chain integration factors (internal, external and customer integration) on the facility‟s implemented Supply Chain enhancing strategy and competitive advantage. In addition, the paper aims to describe existence of relationship between the application of portfolio procurement supply strategy at REPI and the competitive advantage. The study is motivated to show the implementation of Kraljic matrix as portfolio supply strategy at REPI which was implemented before six months where the relation and relationships are observed from selected respondents who are employee of the factory and tries to promote the output usefulness and its applicability on manufacturing industry in Ethiopia. A case study with descriptive type research design was employed with a sample of 63 employees through stratified sampling. A questionnaire was used as a research tool for collecting data. Baseline data were captured from key informant, secondary data and from own observation. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics mean , standard deviation and correlation. Main findings of the study depicts that, there is moderate integration along the supply chain as the mean values of the three supply chain dimension (internal integration, external integration and customer integration) were above the minimum requirement (i.e. greater than the mean value of 2.5).Moreover, External integration and customer integration dimensions of supply chain integration had a significant relation on competitive advantage while Internal integration dimension had failed to signify the relation associated and needs to include other supply chain variables. Where us a strong correlation was captures between the strategy implementation relations on the competitive advantage of the company. Finally, the results on the conclusion entails us that the three research questions developed in this study were considerably moderate by the employees with indicated improvement areas by employees. And also, the study recommends a task to enhance the internal integration especially on marketing, training and sales functions communication, while giving a hint for the procurement function to work more inclusive planning method while strengthening the implemented portfolio supply strategy



internal integration, External integration, Customer integration