The Effect of Service Quality on Students Satisfaction: the case of Private Higher Education Institutions in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Measuring service quality in higher education has become important to determine students’ level of satisfaction. This paper mainly focus on the effect of service quality on student’s satisfaction in Addis Ababa private higher education institutions with the specific objective of identifying the service quality dimensions used by students to evaluate the quality of service offered by the private higher education institutions. The researcher used explanatory research design and questionnaires were administered to gather data. Quantitative research approach was conducted to collect information from primary sources .Samples of 374 students from the four private universities in Addis Ababa was contacted. Out of the 374 questionnaires distributed, 360 were deemed valid. The collected data was analyzed through SPPS version 20.0 .The scale constructed to measure the HEdPERF service quality included Academic Aspects, Non-academic Aspects, Program Issues, Reputation and Access. The methods used in data analysis include descriptive analysis and inferential statistics. The findings established that Non-academic Aspects, Program Issues, Reputation and Access proved to be very essential and are predictors of students satisfactions of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) particularly in the case of private institutions in Addis Ababa .On the contrary Academic Aspects had positive but no significant influence on students satisfaction. Non -academic aspect, program issues, reputation and access have high effect on students’ satisfaction so PHEI should give priority to these aspects. Overall students’ satisfaction was found to be positively explained by the sum of the five independent variables by 66.4 % in the study .According to the finding of the study Reputation and Academic Aspects dimension of HEdPERF have shown average mean score. This study contributes to the scant literature testing the applicability of service quality in the educational sector specifically in Ethiopia.



Service quality, Students satisfaction, Higher education