Factors Affecting The Marketability Of Tourist Destinations In Ethiopia: The Case Of Tiya Archaeological Site

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Addis Ababa University


Despite the potential of archaeological sites in Ethiopia and that of Tiya archaeological site in particular there is no research has been conducted to determine the sites marketing potential, for sustainable tourism development. The objectives of the present study were to understand the factors that affect the marketability of tourist destination in Ethiopia; the case of Tya archaeological site. This is a descriptive and explanatory type study with quantitative research. Data has been collected using self-report questionnaire and individual respondents who are local and international tourist arrivals. (n = 383 99.48% response rate). The data has been analyzed using SPSS software employing the descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation and linear regression statistical techniques. The analyzed data was presented in the form of tables, graphs, histograms and pie charts. The finding reveals that all mentioned variables have positive and significant effect on the marketability of Tiya archaeological site



tourism marketing, Image, infrastructure