Challenges and Opportunities to Persons With Disabilities in Physical Education Curriculum in Higher Education Institutions

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Addis Abeba university


Persons with disabilities in most developing countries have been deprived from education because of reasons and factors. This study gives attention to Ethiopian higher education institutions in particular of less attention to persons with disabilities in physical education curriculum. Though, the main intent of this study is to identify challenges and the opportunities that hinder to facilitate the need of individuals with special need in physical education program in comparison with other students. Physical education program becomes incomplete on its objectives and benefits to students with disabilities at higher institutions to be advantageous from the physical education curriculum. There are gaps between the need of students with disabilities and the curriculum designed for physical education. The study is employed in qualitative method of research to describe the real situation in three selected higher institutions which are purposively selected in the study and data are collected from 33 physical education teachers in higher institutions, 22 students with disabilities and 5 concerned informants of special needs education students and administrative staff of higher institutions are addressed through formulated questionnaire semi structured interview, and focus group discussions respectively. And also observation check-list is used to observe the institutions’ facilities and features that give attention to students with disabilities in physical education curriculum. The data is analyzed in qualitative method of descriptive way of the situation based on the basic questions of the research come up with findings to the challenges of students with disabilities are not participant in physical education curriculum due to less attitudes, lack of professionals, facilities, and resources in the institutions. The investigated discussions are designing adapted physical education curriculum, drawing models and strategies based on the type and level of impairments



Disabilities in Physical Education