The Educational Experience of School Children: The Case of Potters‘ Community in Kambatta Tambaro Zone, Southern Ethiopia

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The purpose of this study was to explore and investigate the educational experience of school children from potter community and explain the existing social support system in three selected schools of three woreda in Kambatta Tambaro Zone. The study conducted in places where potters community live in a relatively concentrated manner. Both primary and secondary data sources were used to meet the objectives of the study. Qualitative case study research design was used to guide and understand the study. By using purposive sampling technique six students from potter family, six school children parents, six teachers, three school directors, and three experts of education office were selected to participate in this study. Totally 24 interviews and 3 FGDs were conducted to achieve the objective. Data were obtained through semi-structured interview, personal observation, focus group discussion and document analysis. The data were analyzed based on thematic data analysis technique. The findings in this study revealed that children from potters‟ community undermined in school by non-potter schoolmates because of potters traditional way of life. As a result, children from potters‟ community experienced forms of psychological disadvantages like low self-esteem, loneliness, hopelessness, helplessness and depression compared with other students in all visited schools. Moreover, potter school children are characterized by dropout, grade repetition and absenteeism as academic problems. Finally, the study recommends that a more flexible approach is needed to address and resolve the varied problems of potters‟ school children and specifically the educational problems they face in their schooling