Determinants of Job Satisfaction in the Case of Lideta Sub City in Addis Ababa

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This study investigates the determinants of job satisfaction of employees at Lideta sub-city administration in Addis Ababa. This sub-city has 4251 employees serving a total population of 265,285. The research followed cross-sectional explanatory research design, quantitative approach, survey method and questionnaire was used as data collection instrument and simple random and stratified sample selection techniques to select the sample size. The study used a sampling frame of 1118, which was selected from five offices and woreda districts of lideta subcity administration. Out of 295 questionnaires distributed, 250 were collected and used for further analysis. Quantitative data were solved by using descriptive inferential statistics with the help of a statistical package for social scientists (SPSS) version 23. The study was used multiple regression, independent t-test, and ANOVA analysis methods. The results indicate that except for trust in the leader the remaining four variables have a significant positive effect on employee`s job satisfaction in lideta sub-city administration. The study also suggested that to improve employee`s job satisfaction in the administration, managers should improve the working environment, pay, and benefit, and promotion opportunity intervention



working environment, promotion opportunity