Urban Environmental Pollution by the Construction Industries: The Case of Dukam City Administration

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Addis Ababa


Construction industry is a fundamental economic sector which permeates the other sectors as it transforms various resources into physical economy and social infrastructure necessary for socio-economic development. The expansions of Construction Industries are more likely to cause environmental pollution to urban center. This Thesis examined enforcement of environmental legal frameworks that relevant to control urban environmental pollution that emanated from construction industries in Dukam city administration at Oromia Regional State. The study found that the FDRE constitution and other environmental legislations guaranteed all persons have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment is also examined by this thesis whether they are implemented in practice or not. On the other hand, the local residents who live around and close to a place where construction activities underway are discontented with vehicles sound disturbance, noise, dust emission, unpleasant smell and other pollutants that have been released from the sites. Moreover, this thesis examines that urban environmental pollution by construction industry is accelerated due to absence of meaningful public consultation, lack of integrated environmental laws, lack of specific standards and weak enforcement of mitigation mechanisms to manage expected construction waste at early stage. This study also found out that there is no environmentally sound technology that converts construction and demolition wastes intoeconomic benefit in order to create job opportunities for unemployment citizens. Municipal administration has a legal duty to manage construction and demolition waste either by itself or get into agreement with construction enterprises that generated construction and demolition wastes to refill solid waste disposal site. Dukam city EFCCA should work out seriously on the enforcement of EIA by giving due attention for vital importance of multi professionals, genuine public participation and strong cooperation of concerned government sectors in order to control pollution released by construction industries to urban environment.



Urban, Environmental Pollution and Construction Industries