In Vivo Drug Sensitivity tests of Trypanosoma Vivax isolates from Selected Tsetse Infested and Tsetse Free Areas of North West, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababauniversity


Tsetse transmitted animal trypanosomosis is an economically devastating disease in Sub-Saharan Africa where trypanocidal drug treatment is the mainstay of control but their efficacy is hampered because of the widespread occurrence of drug resistance. The present study conducted from March to June of 2014 in young zebu cattle was to determine the drug sensitivity of T. vivax isolates from selected tsetse infested and tsetse free areas of Northwest Ethiopia and also to look for hematological profiles improvement after treatment. A total of three isolates one from tsetse infested and two from tsetse free areas were used. A prospective study and randomized controlled block design was applied to the experimental animals together with preliminary questionnaire survey on drug usages. The study revealed that one isolate from tsetse free area was resistant to 7mg/kg of DA. The finding of one relapse from the tsetse isolate to 1mg/kg of ISM is highly indicative that more relapses could be found if more isolates were used. The decrease in packed cell volume and hemoglobin concentration improvements was more common in breakthrough infections. Results of the experiment on the low efficacy of the drugs were supported by respondents of questionnaire survey. In conclusion, drug resistance is a threat in both areas and the situation is magnified in the non-tsetse areas so that control of the disease should be an integrated approach. Moreover, the use of sanative pair with DA and ISM in accordance with the reported drug resistance is important to reduce the problems in the study sites. Furthermore, extensive data on trypanocidal drug sensitivity tests on more T. vivax isolates using advanced molecular techniques is essential. Key words: Trypanosoma vivax, diminazene aceturate, isometamidium chloride, young zebu cattle, North west Ethiopia



Trypanosoma vivax, vivax diminazene aceturate, isometamidium chloride, young zebu cattle North, west Ethiopia