Institutional Arrangement of the FDRE Ministry of National Defense in the Realization of Modern Education and Training: the Case of Training Main Department

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis examines the institutional arraignment of the FDRE’s Ministry of National Defense, in its application of modern education and training. It takes the case of training of the Main Department. The thesis has mainly focused on revealing gaps in its sub departments, sections structurally arranged within the main office of TMD, and the military training centers and colleges vis-à-vis the mission stated as per in the FDRE constitution the ministry of national defense. It largely deals with the TMD mission in its modernizing and qualifying members of the Ethiopian defense forces. The review of related literature, key informant interview as well as documentary sources pertaining to the institutional arrangement of the TMD. These are the major sources of data used in this thesis qualitative analysis employed, and the analysis final shows the multifaceted, nature of the subject. The thesis has come up with both strong and weak points of the TMD. Whereas the TMD’s contributes, devotions and dedications to its mission stands out as the high point of its strength; the thesis has also not failed to identify the TMD’s weak points in order to findings of thesis contribute towards its future trajectory like of success in its mission the TMD has played key role in the training and educating members of the defense forces in its various training centers and colleges: There is no doubt this is a success story. However the fact on the ground remained that the institutional arrangement of the TMD still awaits further improvement above all to compete with capacity improvement and cop up with the changes in technology through the March of time. This thesis has tried its level best by analyzing concluding and recommending to about what should be done from now and on



Realization ;Modern