The Relationship Between Time Management Practices And Project Success: (A Case Study On Telecom Expansion Project, Ethiotelecom)

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between project time management practices with project success, a case study in Telecom expansion project that has been launched by ethiotelecom. The research adopted quantitative approach and descriptive as well as explanatory research design. explanatory research design used to assess the relation between project time management with project success. Primary data were collected using structure questionnaire from participants of telecom expansion project in ethiotelecom and the techniques that used to determine the sample size and for the selection of the participants were Kothari’s sample determination technique and convenience sampling techniques respectively. Based on this total 120 participants were selected from the total population number of 175.The collected data were analyzed using SPSS Version 20 by computing mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage and correlation analysis. For the purpose of this research the study identified six-time management practices to answer the research questions and based on the review of several related literatures the researcher identified five common factors which used to measure project performance which are time, cost, quality, stakeholder’s expectation and meeting project objectives. Based on the study the major findings are plan schedule management, defining activities, sequencing activities, developing and controlling schedule were practiced moderately in case of telecom expansion project. Whereas, estimating activity duration relatively poorly practiced. The other findings of this study are the respondents agreed on the availability of required tools and techniques that used to perform sound time management practices and the respondents were disagreed on that the activities of the project were prioritized based on their values to the project. Regarding the prerequisite for effective time management practice except preparation for change request and motivation as well as competency of man power all other prerequisites are flourished. Finally, the study indicates that there is statistically strong relationship between time management practices and project success.



Project Time Management, Telecom Expansion Project, Critical Success Criteria, Project Success