Public Relations and its Impact on the Business Industry: A Study on Tewoderos Fekeru Plastic Manufacturing Company

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to assess public relations and its impact on the business of Tewoderos Fekeru Plastic Manufacturing Company. This company has three plastic recycling factories stretched out in Addis Ababa: Asko, Ashewa meda and Keta. The study was conducted in the company headquarter which is located in Asko. To meet the objective, the research has used qualitative methods by means of data analysis, In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were conducted with key informants and professionals. Data for the research was collected from primary sources of data with the help of interview guide and questionnaire. Secondary data was also equally reviewed like; published and unpublished materials such as journals, books and academic papers in order to assess public relations and its impact on the company business which is located in Asko. According to the result of the study Public relations in this Company has a great impact for the company business, which can increase or decrease sales. Based on the findings there was a direct connection of business and public relations in the company. And also Public relations mechanism acts as an engine of the process of product promotion on the market, ensuring success of the company business when implemented well. The information obtained from communication managers and employees through interviews and focus group discussions indicated that, the business of the company is highly dependent on its PRs communication Strategy, but unfortunately there is no defined measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of its public relations and business activities. The research also identified these internal and external factors as reasons for the failure to crosscheck public relations and business information. There is lack of professionalism both in public relations and business strategy, public relations dictatorship by the owner and local understanding of the concept of public relations are the major misunderstood ideas in the company internal aspect. Additionally Competition pressure, globalization, fluctuations of demands and socio-economical issues as external factors that hold back the company.



Public Relations and its Impact on the Business Industry