Assessment of Construction Safety and Health Management in High Rise Building in Addis Ababa

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The nature of the construction work is dangerous, risky and needs attention in integrating health and safety management in to the entire process. The safety and health of workers should not be taken as a luxury but rather a necessity. Hence, the objective of this study was to assess safety & health management practice in high rise building construction projects in the city of Addis Ababa .This study took a total sample of 20 contractors currently constructing high-rise building in Addis Ababa Ethiopia; of which 5 were Chinese international contractors and 15 were local grade one contractors and questionnaire were distributed to project managers, safe-ty & health officer, and team members. The data was analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statics Microsoft Excel & SPSS. Consequently, the study result revealed that for the majority of Health and safety (HS) practice indicates an average value of greater than 60% for Chinese international contractors, and less than 50% for local grade one contractors, which means that projects that are constructed by international Chinese contractors have relatively better prac-tice of HS management, whereas the projects of local grade one contractors have a poor prac-tices. In addition Objects falling from height & scaffolding & ladders cause injuries and fatality highly. Further Attitude of Owners & Role of government & engineering society affects the per-formance of health & safety in construction very highly



health and Safety, management, high rise