The Portrayal of Cultural Setting: A Case of Afan Oromo Advertisements Transmitted on ETV

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Addis Ababa University


Advertisements encapsulate subtle power that eventually entices and persuades the target audience into buying commercial products or subscribing to services. People might experience an embarrassment of riches when exposed to an avalanche of similar items flood the market. Here, therefore, adverts mightplaya monumental role in swaying the heart of the customers to product while distancing it from the other. To achieve their purposes, pretty subtle, the advertising industries seek approaches to the potential customers. The best thing in this career is to appeal to both emotion and mind. The advertiser discusses the importance of the item with the audience as if the advertiser is the only reliable friend of them. This intimacy is meant to be achieved if the advertiser employs acceptable and compelling techniques according to potential buyers ' culture . In this research, it is found that less or no a tten tion IS gIven to the culture of local potential buyers. Particularly when it comes to Afan Oromo advertisements, cultural entities which could perhaps be the most appealing to the Oromo society are left out apparently. In most of Afan Oromo advertisements transmitted on ETV, western music and culture, and other society's culture are delineated. The advertisements are simply the tradition of Amharic version without appropriate adaptation. Implicitly, non Oromo culture overshadows every Afan Oromo advertisement transmitted on ETV. The advisement performers complain about unfair payment while advertisement agency managers put the responsibility on organization who wants advertisement. The study investigates the intricacy of the problem which needs knowledge of every concerned body.



Cultural Setting, Afan Oromo Advertisements, Transmitted on ETV