Performance of Synthesized NaOH/Bentonite Catalyst for Production of Biodiesel from Cottonseed Oil

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Addis Ababa University


In this study, NaOH/bentonite catalyst was synthesized and its performance was evaluated for biodiesel production from cottonseed oil. Impregnation method was used for the synthesis of NaOH/bentonite catalyst and the best catalyst was selected based on the yield of transesterification reactio. The highest yield of biodiesel was obtained by using the catalyst synthesized at 500 0 C of calcination temperature, 5 hr. of calcination time, and NaOH to bentonite ratio of 0.20. The result of the XRD and FTIR characterization showed that the impregnation of NaOH was successful and the active and basic component Na2O was obtained during calcination process. The optimization result showed that the optimum condition for the transesterification reaction by using the selected catalyst was a temperature of 64.45 0 C, a catalyst loading of 2%w/w of cottonseed oil, and methanol to oil molar ratio of 6 which resulted in 89.7423% biodiesel yield. Different physicochemical properties of biodiesel produced at the optimum parameters were determined and it was in the range of international standards. The FAME content of the produced biodiesel was 95.8%, which was above the minimum requirement.



Cottonseed Oil, synthesized, NaOH/Bentonite Catalyst, Biodiesel