Addis Ababa University Technology Faculty Department of Urban and Regional Planning Postgraduate Program In Urban Design and Development

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Addis Ababa University


This research is intended to investigate the impact of spatial modernization on urban heritage buildings and spaces in Mekelle city, capital of the Tigray National Regional state. The city of Mekelle and other Ethiopian cities are modernizing at a time when there is international realization that modernization approaches of western cities of 1920- 1960's which led to destruction of urban heritage and loss of social and public life. The question is to what extent have urban centers of Ethiopia that are now in process of rapid modernization benefited from this realization. The study aims to answer this general question by studding three cases in Mekelle city. A case study method is used for the investigation. The findings indicate that spatial modernization in Mekelle is largely characterized by repetition of the mistakes committed by the modernization of western country cities. As a result, there is threat of destruction of heritage buildings and spaces, reduction of the public realm and loss of urban identity