Exploring Factors Affecting Data Center Resiliency: a Case Study in the Bank of Abyssinia

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Addis Ababa University


Data center resiliency is a decisive element for banking industry. The ultimate goal of financial sector is assuring customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 services. As a result, knowing factors affecting data center resiliency is paramount importance to the financial industry. Studies related to data center resilience show that there are attempts that treat network and storage as independent variables and such studies are very limited in number. However, a study on data center resilience needs exploration of various factors to ensure sustainable resilience. To this end, the aim of this study was to explore factors that affect data center resilience in Bank of Abyssinia taking as a case. For this purpose, a single exploratory case study approach was applied. Primary and secondary data were collected via semi-structured interview, document analysis, and direct observation. The primary data collected from technical staffs of the Bank of Abyssinia and the vendor that provides support using interview. The collected data was analyzed using Grounded theory method applying open and axial coding analysis techniques. Furthermore, the obtained factors were validated using expert judgment and cross-validating with literature results. The study explores eight factors and unique to a single case. The major findings of study are Redundancy, Physical and virtual security, Knowledgeable Human resource, Data Center facility and site Location, communication, Top management support and commitment, Test environment and preventive maintenance and DC resiliency plan. Because of single case study, the generalizability of the result is only for the case company. And, as this study is the first qualitative study conducted by the researcher, the amount of data collected and depth of analysis was potentially limited. So further research needs to be done for comprehensive data collection and analysis to identify factors affecting data center resiliency in the Commercial Banks of Ethiopia.



Data Center, Resilience, Data Center Resiliency, Resiliency Factors