The effects of sales training practice on salesperformance: The Case of Yes Food and Beverage Plc

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Addis Ababa University


The study assessed the effect of sales training on sales performance of Yes brand food and beverage plc. To achieve, the overall objective, the study specifically focused to addressing major steps of sales training and its effect on sales performance, accordingly, the study assess the organization need assessment, organizational strategies and support of materials and inputs, delivery techniques of training, sales management support and monitoring practice as well as measured sales performance. To address the area relevant data were collected both from sales forces of the organization using structured questionnaire and organizational document. Accordingly, the study consider only employee respondents worked in sales and organizational management. Based on this the study were analyzed the collected data using descriptive and explanatory data analysis method. Accordingly, the major finding of the study implied that, the organization need assessment practice were negatively affect sales performance, this is because need assessment were not assess competitors strategies as well as customers need, there were also a organizational support challenges that affect sales training practice of the organization, the other challenges that affect sales training effeteness was lack of managerial support and constrictive feedback of performance evaluation. Generally, the study concludes that, the organization didn’t strictly implement training steps such as, in appropriate need assessment practice, lack of organization support, lack of effective monitoring and evaluation system and this situation affect the delivered training effectiveness of sales forces. Based on this the study were recommend some of major points such as, organizations should look at the positive effects of training on employee performance, and consider employee development as a targeted investment in making the workers stronger. More importantly, development plans that include better strategies of how needs identified, budget and material impute allocation, delivery techniques of training, how sales supported and monitored after training on job and off job strategies and involves constrictive evaluation feedback



Sales, Training, Performance