Assessment of ETV Advertisement Ethics

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This descriptive study for assessment of ethics in ETV advertisement has three parts. Questionnaires were used as tool to collect data for all the three parts, except for the first and second part supplementary interview was used. The first part of the study reveals that ETV advertisements have been conducted without any strong regulations and considering ethics in advertising has not got the necessary attention. The second study conducted on advertising agencies has shown that advertising enterprises entered in advertising business just for the sake income obtained with out any knowledge in the area. The third part of the study that focused on consumers has indicated that half of the advertisements transmitted on ETV are unreliable. They are exaggerated and full of deceptive information. Based on these indications the study concludes that there are problems of ethics in ETVadvertisement which have been resulted from many factors. If this situation continues the problems go to the worst and damage our culture and harm the economic activities.


A Project Paper Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Degree Of Masters Of Business Administration (Mba)


ETV advertisement, assessment of ethics