Assessment of Commercial Goods Distribution Management Performance; the case of ethio telecom.

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Addis Ababa University


The research aimed to assess the ethio telecom commercial goods distribution management performance and attempted to investigate the affecting factors of the distribution performance. It also assessed the company commercial goods distribution management practices. The distribution management related problems in this regard were identified on the preliminary survey and indicated as commercial goods shipment delay which was resulted from poor distribution management practices and low distribution performances. The research has set three objectives stated as: i) to assess the distribution management practices (such as planning and forecasting, warehouse management, transport management and collaboration of distribution participants); ii) to identify the factors affecting distribution management performance and iii) to assess the distribution management performance of ethio telecom commercial goods distribution. Descriptive research design was employed with a census method and questionnaires were distributed to collect primary data. The collected data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The main findings of the study indicated that, there was a remarkable distribution management practices as the mean values of the dimension were above the minimum requirement. The study other finding indicated the influencing factors are significantly affected the distribution management performances as the dimensions mean values indicated greater than the average mean value. It is indicated in the study that there is a positive significant correlations among the dimensions. The study final finding indicated ethio telecom has a reasonable distribution management performance as the dimensions indicated above the minimum requirement mean value. It is concluded from the findings that, ethio telecom has a remarkable performances of commercial goods distribution management which is resulted from the well-done practice and positively influencing factors. It is recommended that, the company should work internally on the relatively low performance and practice areas such as warehouse management and fleet management and externally on the external factors having adverse effect on its distribution management performance.



Commercial goods, Distribution management practice, distribution management performanc, Factors affecting distribution management performance