Practice and Challenges of Talent Identification of Athletes: in Some Selected Athletics Clubs in Addis Ababa City Administrations

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to investigate the factor that affect the development of Athletics sport with reference on Addis Ababa Athletics Federation. The study comprises in Addis Ababa city 1st club, administrative staffs of Addis Ababa Athletes Federation 6 Coach’s, 24 Athletes, 3 Administrators, purposive sampling to focus on particular characteristics of a population that are of interest, which would best enable to answer research questions. Then, purposive study is used to carry out this research 2 instrument such as questionnaire and observation checklist were used to gather the data. The descriptive analysis of the data was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as percentage and descriptive statements. The result of the study clearly showed that Addis Ababa Athletics Federation for the growth and development of Athletics sport in the city. Schools communities in a grass root level has been the main source of potential players of athletics coaches also started their carrier in the school. The major constants associated with Addis Ababa athletics federation are found to have very low and shortage of finance, shortage of man power, a few number of clubs, lack of f facilities and equipment, no regular project training, lack of control play ground in the villages, not following scientific method of training by coaches and very low level of sponsorship. To over comers problems, the following recommendation has been for warded every stakeholder should work hand to hand in order to solve the problems, the government federal sport commission and Addis Ababa sport athletics sport indifferent corners of the city so as to increase its popularity. Key: Words: Athletes investigate, coach, dedication, project, grass to of level, purposive study, Administrative staff, stakeholders



Athletes investigate; coach; dedication; project; grass to of level; purposive study; Administrative staff; stakeholders